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This form is not for students. If you are a student or graduate, you must contact your school Registrar’s Office or the organization that issued your document directly for all questions relating to MyCreds™, your MyCreds™ wallet, and document requirements. The MyCreds™ team has no access to your documents or wallet for privacy reasons so cannot resolve any issues related to your documents, refund requests, or your wallet. If you are having trouble with accessing, please refer to the email sent to you by your college or university and access it through the link provide there.
Visit the following pages for more information:
MEMBER DIRECTORY – Contact information for your school/organization
FAQS Frequently Asked Questions for learners
HOW-TO VIDEOS Short instructional FAQ videos


    I would like to verify a student or graduate’s official document, transcript or credential.My organization is a member of MyCreds™.My institution or organization would like to become a receiving member of MyCreds™ in order to receive official documents through the MyCreds™ Network.My institution or organization would like to become an issuing member of MyCreds™ in order to send official documents through the MyCreds™ Network.

    Learner FAQs

    Please refer to our learner Frequently Asked Questions for questions regarding: requesting documents, registration and logging in, accessing documents, sharing documents, profile settings and linking accounts, payments and charges, ordering hardcopies, and more.


    How-To Videos

    Please refer to our short instructional videos to learn how to use the MyCreds™ platform, how to share documents, how to purchase share credits, and more.

    How-To Videos

    Member Directory

    Each institution/organization’s contact information for student inquiries is listed in the Member Directory. Learners, please reach out to your institution’s appropriate contact for all questions regarding MyCreds™ and your documents.

    Member Directory

    Member Organization

    MyCreds™ support for member organization is provided through specific contacts at your institution or organization. Please speak with the MyCreds™ liaison person at your institution or organization. Usually this person is the registrar or within the IT department.


    Verification Request

    Please visit the MyCreds™ Verifier page for information on how to request a verification for a learner.


    Member Request to Become a Receiving and/or Sending Organization

    We are pleased to have you join the MyCreds™ family as a receiving/sending organization. Visit our Member section for more information.

    Become a member

    Information Management Policies

    MyCreds™ is owned by ARUCC, the national Association of Registrars of the Universities and Colleges of Canada. As a federally incorporated not-for-profit, ARUCC is subject to the Personal Information Protection and Electronics Document Act.

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