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MyCreds™ Portfolio

MyCreds™ provides a platform for certifying, sharing and verifying academic credentials. These digital documents are available in your credential wallet, called MyCreds™ Portfolio, and are certified by your college and/or university. Once certified, they are considered official. You can easily share your documents securely through MyCreds™ with colleges and universities, employers, immigration authorities and other third parties.

Your institution ensures your documents’ authenticity when accessed through the MyCreds™ Portfolio.

MyCreds™ is owned by ARUCC, the Association of Registrars of the Universities and Colleges of Canada, and powered by Digitary, an international document issuing organization that stores your documents securely. Your data remains under your college’s and/or university’s control. This information can only be accessed by you, your college and/or university, and whomever you choose to share your documents with.

Documents issued through MyCreds™ are authentic, tamper-evident and legally valid. Your documents in your MyCreds™ Portfolio contain digital signatures that meet the legal requirements of certified digital documents in countries around the world.

How MyCreds™ Portfolio works for students and graduates.


Follow the instructions in the email sent to you by your college or university.

Current Students and Graduates

Log into your account on the secure MyCreds™ Portfolio with your college or university username and password.
Jump to STEP 6.


Go to the MyCreds™ Portfolio login page to enter your username and password provided.


Complete the MyCreds™ Portfolio account creation screen (email address pre-populated).


Receive your activation email and activate your MyCreds™ Portfolio account.


Set up your account settings and link personal email/social media accounts

This is important for future access to the system. If your student email address or login expires in the future, setting up an alternate email will allow you back into your MyCreds™ Account long after you have moved on from your former college or university.


Choose the document you wish to view and/or share.


Unlock or share your document (a fee may apply).


Share your document with whomever you wish either by direct email or by choosing from a list of registered organizations.

If you don’t see the organization you are looking for listed, use the “Email” option and specify an individual email address in the Recipient Email field.

You may even wish to post your digitized credential to your social media accounts!


You will receive a notification on the screen when your document has been sent and you can track your share history in your MyCreds™ Portfolio.