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Watch How to Use the Graduation Verification Service

Quick Guide

Create an account if you’ve not already done so. You will receive a verification email. Check your spam or junk folder if you do not see this email.  Once your account is confirmed, log into the Graduation Verification Service. The easy to use interface will take you through the following steps:

  1. Complete Search Form
    Search for one or multiple individuals using their name, date of birth or student identification number and issuing institution or organization.  Be sure to enter either birth date OR student ID number, not both. 
  2. Validate
    Confirm your selection criteria. Note that the first and last name must be spelled exactly as recorded by the issuing organization, including any accents. You may want to double check with the individual to confirm spelling. If the information is incorrect, then you will need to conduct and pay for another search.
  3. Payment
    Enter payment information.
  4. Check Accuracy 
    Double check the accuracy of your search data. Click the pencil icon if edits are needed.

5. Start Verification 
Start your verification. 

6. Download Record 
If the search is successful, a green check mark will be displayed together with a link to a record. Select the link to display a PDF of the graduation verification record. Please download this PDF immediately as it will no longer be available once you leave the search results page.  

Non verification can be caused for several reasons including incorrect or incomplete information. It does not necessarily mean the student did not attend or earn a degree.  

See our FAQs for more about non-verification.

Time & Budget Friendly

Save Time with Efficient Bulk Searches  

We understand the value of your time. The service is engineered to handle bulk searches effortlessly, enabling organizations with high verification volumes to save time and effort.

Budget Friendly  

For only $20 per search, per learner, you can access fast, real-time verification, saving valuable time and resources. 


Streamline Credential Verification

Verify academic status with confidence.