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How Verification Works - Two Ways to Verify

Learner shares link or sends to a registered Receiver

MyCreds™ offers Member colleges and universities from within Canada the ability to load official documents, such as transcripts, parchments and micro-credentials, into a secure, online credential wallet. The issuing organization provides learners with a MyCreds™ Learner Wallet. From their Wallet, learners can:

  1. easily provide you with a link to their official digitized document(s), or
  2. quickly send items directly to a Receiver.

Verifier FAQs

Graduation Verification Service

Our newly introduced Graduation Verification Service is yet another way to verify graduation status. Instead of viewing official documents, the Graduation Verification Service lets you quickly confirm the year of graduation, the institution’s name and the name of the graduate’s award.  Official records are maintained by the issuing institution. Toronto Metropolitan University (TMU) is the first institution to adopt this new service. Many other institutions will be joining soon.  

More about the Graduation Verification Service