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How-To Videos

Where can I find MyCreds™ instructional videos?

Click here for a series of How-To videos that demonstrate step-by-step instructions how to use your MyCreds™ portal, how to share documents, how to buy share credits, and more.

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Requesting documents

I graduated before 2020. How can I get my documents?

MyCreds™ launched in fall 2020. Participating Canadian colleges and universities participating in MyCreds™ began issuing documents, transcripts and credentials to students, former students and graduates through the online credential wallet at that time. Some are beginning to also issue documents from prior to 2020.

If you have not received an email from your institution encouraging you to go into your MyCreds™ online learner portal, graduated prior to fall 2020, and/or have no MyCreds™ account, contact your former college or university to order your transcripts and credentials.

If your institution has not joined MyCreds™, be assured that we are working to have them join in future!

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Registration and logging in

How do I register for a MyCreds™ credential wallet?

If your Canadian college and/or university has joined MyCreds™, they will email you directly when documents, transcripts and credentials are issued to you through the MyCreds™ credential wallet. Make sure you follow the instructions in that email to register and create your MyCreds™ account.

See also “Requesting documents”.

I tried to sign in via “Sign in with your institution”, but mine is not on the list.

Colleges and universities have different sign-in methods. If yours is not on the drop-down list, they might not yet have joined. If they have joined and sent you an invitation message, you have to sign in by entering the email address and password on the MyCreds™ credential wallet login page.

Make sure you use the same email address that you used to register.

I don’t remember my password.

You can reset the password for your MyCreds™ account by clicking on the “Can’t Sign In?” link on the MyCreds™ login page. This will send a reset password email to your student email address.

Make sure you specify the same email address that you used to register.

I can’t login. The system tells me that my username or password is invalid.  What do I do?

First, were you notified by your college or university to use this system? If not, you may not have an account so will need to continue requesting your documents and credentials directly from your institution. Contact your college and/or university Registrar’s Office and ask if they are using MyCreds™. If they are not, encourage them to do so by visiting for more information. Also, please keep in mind that MyCreds™ launched in Fall 2020. It will take time to for our Canadian colleges and universities to onboard.

If your college or university did notify you to use MyCreds™, make sure you are using a valid username. You can reset the password for your MyCreds™ account by clicking on the “Can’t Sign In?”‘ link on the MyCreds™ login page. This will send a reset password email to your {student email} address.

Make sure you specify the same email address that you used to register. If you still can’t login, contact your former college’s and/or university’s Registrar’s Office and follow their normal procedures for resetting your password.

I reset my password using "Can't Sign In?", but I have not received an email.

Please check the following:

  • Your spam folder.
  • Make sure you used the same email address as the one you used to register.
  • Please note that the reset password email will be sent to the primary email address that you have set for your MyCreds™ account.

If issues persist, please contact the Registrar’s Office at your college or university.

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Accessing my documents

I can’t see any documents in my MyCreds™ credential wallet. What do I do?

Please check the MyCreds™ email sent by your college or university and click on the link in the email to access your document/s.

If you are still not able to access your document/s then please contact the Registrar’s Office at your college or university. Make sure to provide details including the email address you used to login MyCreds™ account and your student id assigned by your college or university.

How do I view my new or updated pay to share document?

When you sign in to your MyCreds™️ portal, you will be presented with a list of all your documents. Click on the document you would like to open. If this is your first time opening a new document or updated document, you may see a Payment required notice. You must have at least one share credit associated with your document to view your document. If you see the Payment required notice, you must purchase at least one share credit. After at least one share credit is purchased, you can open and view your document at any time until it is updated, even after you use the share credit.

Does opening my document use up my share credit?

No, opening your document to view it does not use up your share credit. Your share credit will stay in your account until you decide to share your document by clicking the blue “Share” button. Viewing does not consume a share credit.

Do I have to purchase a share credit every time I want to view my document?

No, you must purchase at least one share credit the very first time you want to view your document or when the document is updated and you have no share credits associated with the document (ie. zero share credit balance).

Will I still be able to view my document after I use up its share credits?

Yes, if your document has not been updated with new information. If your document has been updated with new information, you will need to purchase at least one share credit to view and share it.

Why can I still view some of my documents without purchasing share credits?

After February 23, 2022, only documents newly added or updated to your MyCreds™️ account will require the document to have a share credit associated with it before you can view and share it. You can continue to view and share previously issued documents that have not been updated or new documents with a non-zero share credit balance.

My email address assigned by my college or university is no longer active. How do I login and access my records?

If you have linked your personal email address with your MyCreds™ account then please try accessing documents by logging into the MyCreds™ login page with your personal email address.

If you have not linked your personal email address with your MyCreds™ account then you will have to request that the Registrar’s Office at your college or university re-issue your documents to your personal email address. Unfortunately, because you did not set up your personal email when you first activated your account, the MyCreds™ team is not able to assist you.

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Sharing documents

I would like to share my credentials with an organization that is not listed as a "registered organization".

Not all organizations are set up as a “registered organization”. That’s completely okay. You can still provide them access to your documents and credentials in your MyCreds™ credential wallet.

Please share your credentials using the “Generate a link to my documents” option within your MyCreds™ credential wallet and specify the recipient email in the “Recipient Email” field on the “Document sharing” form. This will send an email to the recipient with the link to access the document.

How do I know my document or credential reached its destination?

When you first share a document, a notice appears in the top right hand corner of your screen to let you know your share was successful. Also, when you open a document or credential in your MyCreds™ account, you will find a summary at the top right part of your screen that is called “History”. Click on this to see the summary of actions you took for that document.

Can the recipient still view my shared document after it has been updated?

Recipients can continue to view the shared document even after it has been updated until your share reaches its expiry date (if you have set an expiry date). The recipient will always see the most updated version of your document, so you do not need to re-share a document when it has been updated.

  • If you shared your document by generating a URL link to an email address, we recommend that you re-send the email so they are notified that there is an update to your document.
  • If you shared your document directly to a registered organization on the network, they will be notified in their inbox that your document has been updated and you do not need to do anything.

How do I cancel sharing of my document?

Go into your MyCreds™ account, click on “Sharing” (located in the left navigation bar), and make adjustments by clicking on “Disable”. This button is located on the far right side of any document or credential in your MyCreds™ account. You can also extend and change the time period for access through the same “Sharing” link.

Note: it is not possible to cancel a share of a document after you have sent it to someone.

Why hasn’t the receiver received my share?

Please ensure that the email address to which you sent your documents is correct. To verify the email, navigate to the “Sharing” section in the top menu and view all your shares. Select the share to view the details page. If the email is correct, then you can choose to “Resend” the email notification. Additionally, please be aware that the notification email may potentially be directed to the recipient’s spam or junk folder. It is important to confirm with the recipient that they have received the email and to ensure that they open the shared link using the same email address to which the notification was sent.

If the shared email address is incorrect, you will need to create a new share to correct the email address.

How can I check if my share was accessed?

There are two ways to check.

  1. Navigate to the Document detail view and select “History” at the top right of the page. There should be an entry if the receiver has viewed your document, together with other records showing any additional actions on that document.
  2. Navigate to the “Sharing” section in the top menu and view all your shares. Select the share, to view the details page, and under “View Activity”, there should be an entry if the receiver has viewed your document.

How can I resend the email or obtain a link to share in case the recipient didn't receive my document?

You can start by logging in to MyCreds™ and clicking on “Sharing” in the top menu. Select the specific share you are inquiring about. Double-check that the email address of the recipient is correct.

  • If the email is incorrect, please reshare the document to the corrected email.
  • If the email is correct, you can use the ‘Resend Email’ button, or you can click “Copy link” and send that URL to your recipient.

Note that only the owner of the email you created the share for will be able to open the link.

Profile settings and linking accounts  Icon

Profile settings and linking accounts

I want to link a college or university account in my profile in MyCreds™, but they are not on the drop-down list

If your provider is not on the list, use the “E-mail Accounts” => “+ link another email “ option to link accounts.

Ordering hardcopies Icon

Ordering hardcopies

I need hardcopy documents. Can you help?

Only digitized versions are available in the MyCreds™ credential wallet. You need to contact your college of university for a hard copy. However, be aware that some colleges and universities no longer offer hard copies.

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Charges and payments

How does the MyCreds™ payment method work?

Your college, university or issuing organization determines whether your document has a fee payment associated with it and sets the fee amount. There are three payment options that a document may have in MyCreds™:

  1. Charge a fee each time you share your document – You purchase share credits that will be used every time you share your document (eg. transcripts).
  2. Pay a fee to pickup your document for a period of time – You pay to access your document for a period of time set by your institution and then you can view or share it until the access period expires. The access expiry date is viewable on the document page.
  3. No charge – There is no fee to view or share your document (eg. parchments; certificates).

Check your college, university or issuing organization’s website for more information about their document fee policies. Please contact your college, university or issuing organization if you have any questions.

How will the payment appear on my bank statement?

Your payment card will contain a charge called “ARUCCMYCREDSMESCERTIF, CALGARY”, which is set by your issuing organization and applied by the ARUCC MyCreds National Network

I have a question related to the cost for a document. Who can I speak with about fees?

When paying for a transaction within MyCreds™, the fee is processed using Stripe. However, the actual document fees are set by your college or university or the organization that issued your document. They set these fees in accordance with their governance protocols. MyCreds™ does not determine these fees. Please contact your college or university or the organization that issued your document for more information.

I’m having trouble processing the Stripe fee payment. What should I do?

Entering your residential address and the billing address associated with the credit card you use is a requirement for use of the MyCreds™ payment system. If your credit card is rejected, please double check your entries and ensure the correct billing address for that card is inputted. We recommend you also ensure the correct email is provided.

In order to use the online system, you also need to code in the CVC number which is the three or four digit number located on the back of your card.

Try to process your payment using another credit card. Sometimes it helps to refresh the browser.

If the payment still won’t work, contact your school’s Registrar’s Office for help or the organization that issued your document. Neither ARUCC or MyCreds™ can access and see your personal credential wallet information or your personal payment transaction. Only your school or the organization that issued your document is in a position to provide you with alternatives or triage the matter to the appropriate support team so that it can be further investigated.

What kind of cards can I use for payment?

You can use any card Stripe accepts that can process online transactions, including Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, and American Express.  To process a payment through Stripe you must enter the CVC number, which is available on the back of your card.

Why do I need to include my address on the payment form?

All purchases made within MyCreds™ will require your residential address and your billing address associated with your payment card to meet Canada Revenue Agency requirements. Your billing address postal code must match the postal code associated with your bank’s payment card, otherwise your payment will be rejected.

There is an error in my document. Can I get a refund?

Your institution is responsible for all document content. The MyCreds™ team cannot access these documents for privacy reasons and is not able to issue a refund. Whether it is a case of an administrative error (e.g., data entry) or a matter of timing (e.g., an institution has not yet loaded information), please contact your institution for resolution.

I shared my document incorrectly. Can I get a refund?

The MyCreds™ team is not able to issue a refund for sharing errors resulting from entering an incorrect email address or selecting the wrong organization. Therefore, please ensure you enter the correct information at the point of sharing.

I purchased too many share credits. Can I get a refund?

Refund decisions and related policies and procedures for documents are handled by your home issuing college or university. Please contact the issuing organization directly. Any additional share credits are available in your wallet for your future use; therefore, they won’t expire unless your school revokes the document.

Refund Policy

If you require a refund, please note that your issuing organization’s refund policy will apply. Please contact your issuing organization for further information.

Document content Icon

Document content

I have a question about the content of my qualification documents (misspelled names, missing subjects/grades, etc). What should I do?

Your college or university is responsible for the content of the documents issued to you. MyCreds™ has no access to change any content on your documents.

Please contact your college or university for assistance.