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Advancing Next Generation Standards for Digital Credential Sharing

ARUCC MyCreds™ recognizes that the demand for advancements in technology never sleeps! MyCreds™ is now fully engaged in expanding to adopt next generation digital sharing technology to support the growing micro-credentials offered by Canadian post-secondary institutions. 

MyCreds™ is well positioned to harness the latest technological developments to ensure a seamless experience for the network’s stakeholders – from issuing to verifying – with learners at the centre. By decentralizing Verifiable Credentials (VCs) and making them truly interoperable, MyCreds™ will keep pace with the world-wide development of self-sovereign identity (SSI) solutions to advance best practices for privacy compliant digital sharing.

Get Involved

The objective of this ecosystem is to educate and support the development of open standards and encourage broader conversation on standards among the post-secondary community. We welcome you to explore the following pages to expand your learning, to join the ecosystem and community on standards development, and to register for our monthly educative webinars.