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Benefits of Joining MyCreds™ and ARUCC

Transformative Digital Capabilities

  • Introduce efficiencies into document issuing operations with secure, digitized and cryptographically signed transcripts, credentials and other official documents – replacing manual, out-dated, paper-based processes.
  • Streamline international admissions processes with trusted, secure access to inbound international documents and, where available, structured data, from China, the US, Europe, Australia, and beyond.
  • Enable micro-credential and badging capabilities.

Students and Graduates in the Driver’s Seat

  • Support students moving their documents, badges and credentials when and where they need them to go.
  • Ensure students are driving the sharing of their documents and data.
  • Provide a fully bilingual, made-for-Canada solution for students and graduates.

Institutional Sustainability and Quality Assurance

  • Ensure business continuity and full service for students during times of pandemic, environmental disaster or other unforeseen disruptions.
  • Mitigate credential and academic transcript fraud, protecting your institutional brand.

Security and Privacy

  • Canadian storage of Canadian data.
  • Permission based by design.
  • Fully compliant with Canadian privacy legislation and GDPR.

Easy Onboarding and Support

  • Different onboarding options that meet the customized needs and realities of Canadian colleges and universities.
  • Comprehensive support from day one.
  • Expert guidance from 100s of Canadian higher education experts.

Future Proofing

  • Next generation approaches to sustainable interoperability.
  • A solution that bridges standards and technology stacks.
  • Capacity to support the full range of document and credentialing needs for next generation practices.

Integration with Systems and Processes

  • Capacity to transform data across different standards and platforms.
  • Integration expertise to support onboarding of credential depositories.
  • Respect for local business needs and diversity.